How To Beautify Your Chamber With A Teak Wood Side Table
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Definition of Side Table
Side table is usually called as end table, lamp table, some people even call it as accent table. Side table is a small table that is usually placed next to the chair / sofa. Some says that side table is a small table which is placed in the end of a sofa. While some people belives that end table, side table, or lamp table is a small table placed on the side of the wall – as a console table.

Shape of Side Table Talking about shape – the shape of side table is diverse. Some have rectangle, round, triangle, or square top. Some have drawers some have no any. Some have decorative accent such as carving. While on the size, it always smaller than coffee table and it’s height is as high as the sofa’s arm or seat height.

Side Table Function
Basically side table has two functions. First is as the other table types, side table is used to place such items as: lights, food and beverages, magazines, air conditioning remote control, bags for guests who come, even decorative items (such as: photos, vases). In its development, side table also functioned not only as a place for door goods. People found that side table have decorative value - it’s functionate as a sweetener of your chamber.

Material of Side Table
There are so many materials which can be used as side table material. One of the most popular one is teak wood side table. The grain, texture, and color of teak wood is argued as the most beautiful one. Teak wood has a good reputation on its durability and strength. Teak wood is easy enough to be molded to be any shape of wood working – even carving. Besides, teak wood characteristics is suitable to be applied by all wood finishing materials – except painted one.

How to Arrange Teak Wood Side Table to Beautify Your Chamber
Beautifying your chamber with a teak wood is by making it to be the focal point of a chamber. There is only one rule to do it, that is, do not let this beautiful teak wood side table stand up by itself without nothing on it. You may put some decorative items, for example: vase full of beautiful flowers, family pictures, table lamp, or even decorative mirror. at. Aug-09-2017

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