Teak garden furniture

Garden furniture is a must-have furniture item when summer comes. Well, probably it depends on the outside space available because not every house has outside spaces. Also, adjust the furniture with the activities of the dwellers, for instance, sun bed, lounger, bench or even garden furniture sets for outside spaces like garden or patio. Many of furniture manufacturers present their finest collection of outdoor furniture.

One of the leading furniture manufacturers from Indonesia is Wisanka or PT. Wirasindo Santakarya. The company itself is located in Central Java Indonesia. Wisanka oversees several brands for the collections produced; one of them is Garden Teak, which specializes in garden furniture products. The materials used are varying from natural materials to synthetic one, such wood, stainless steel, synthetic rattan and others. The combination creates such as fabulous collection of garden furniture. For wood material, Garden Teak use teak wood material, well the brand itself represent the main material used.

Why should use teak? The answer, of course, supposes to be very easy. Teak has known for the quality, especially intentionally use for outdoor activities, like outdoor and garden furniture.  Garden Teak presents all collection for garden furniture, which ranging from loose furniture to garden furniture set. The customers are allowed to choose any kinds of garden teak furniture required.

As mentioned before that the materials used are combination of natural materials and synthetic materials. It is to meet all the customers’ needs and gives them many of choices.  Garden teak set like Kansas set with table and six chairs looks comfortable and simple. The cushions added deliver you and guests to the coziness while you held a lunch party on your garden. The other set collections in Oregon set, which is made more simple than the previous collection. It consists of table with two backless benches, on which looks like one in traditional food stalls. Nevertheless, it is made with modern touch of design.

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