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Other Garden Teak Furniture

Garden teak furniture always uses on the garden or outdoor spaces at homes, but in the present days the use of garden teak furniture extends into various purposes, like in the restaurant. As we know, many of restaurants provide different ambiance to the customers, for example for couples, a restaurant with romantic atmosphere definitely a […]

Designing Your Very Own Garden

The title could be provoked you to build beautiful yet comfortable garden at home. Having remaining space at home can be an advantage yet confuse you, if you have no idea to change those boring and dull spot at home. Well, first think about how comfort is relaxing on the garden teak furniture with a […]

Distinctive Garden Teak Furniture

Garden teak furniture has been used widely on any outdoor and patio in the world. Wide ranges of garden teak furniture enable to accomplish all outdoor spaces. Garden Teak is one of furniture manufacturer from Indonesia that focusing on garden furniture. In addition, Garden Teak itself has described of what material used in the line […]

Designing Comfort Patio

Patio is the best place at home to change as private sanctuary or a gathering place. Patio enables to create such a comfortable place to relax and relieve all the stress and fatigue. The view of green plants and scented flowers refresh your mind and soul. Thus, we do not have to get over budget […]

Modern Garden at Home

Modern tropical garden is the best way to strengthen the natural look of tropical home architecture. The concept itself combines modern elements with tropical plants and trees to provide you distinctive style of green garden at home. the garden is simple, whether its look and maintenance, yet beautiful. Tropical trees such as frangipani tree, bamboo […]

Teak garden furniture

Garden furniture is a must-have furniture item when summer comes. Well, probably it depends on the outside space available because not every house has outside spaces. Also, adjust the furniture with the activities of the dwellers, for instance, sun bed, lounger, bench or even garden furniture sets for outside spaces like garden or patio. Many […]